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Everyday – Getting Closer To Buddy Holly

Everyday – Getting Closer To Buddy Holly


A portrait by the Merseyside artist, Tony Brown, is the cover for a new book on Buddy Holly, “Everyday – Getting Closer To Buddy Holly” by Spencer Leigh.


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The Buddy Holly story with lots of new interview material. The cover of “Everyday – Getting Closer To Buddy Holly” is by the Merseyside artist, Tony Brown. I loved writing this book on Buddy Holly because he seemed such a nice guy and he loved to encourage other talent.

“I love the fact that there are so many different voices on the same page: first hand experiences, comments from the likes of Richard Hawley, and your own take on things. Even the chapter titles are great! You don’t have to be a great fan of Buddy Holly to like this book and if you can hold it your head, you’ll then be an expert too.” (Claire Hamilton to Spencer Leigh on Drivetime, Radio Merseyside, 20 May 2009)

“A beautiful book” (Carolyn Hester)

” It is a fantastic piece of work that will delight any fan of Buddy and anyone interested in musical and cultural history.” (Richard Havers, The Great Bookshops, blog dedicated to independent book shops)

“Written by a music expert” (Bill Leece, Liverpool Echo)

“Just when you thought there was no more room for any more books about Buddy Holly, along comes one of the best. I never thought I could get any closer to Buddy Holly, but now I feel that much closer. A marvellous book!” (Billy Butler, BBC Radio Merseyside)

“Spencers’s style is generally clear and succinct. It is deliberately light and chatty, making the story very accessible to the casual reader as well as the confirmed fan. Thoroughly recommended.” (Barry Holley, Now Dig This – This is one of the oddest reviews I’ve read. I thought from the first paragraph that I’d had it but then it swings round!)

“Leigh has created such an unsentimental, unpretentious account of Buddy’s life through his layering of various opinions and anecdotes that the result is far from ordinary. Everyday smashes through the smoke-and-mirrors to give an animated, informative and refreshingly candid portrait of the rock’n’roll legend and his enduring legacy. A truly exhaustive account of how the music was born, and why it never died.” (Emily Watts, Record Collector, August 2009)

“Of all the biographies out there, the depth, breadth, wit and wisdom of Everyday: Gettng Closer To Buddy Holly make it the leading contender for the most essential Holly companion. Leigh’s portrait of Holly expertly weaves together painstaking research, interviews with key personnel, eyewitness accounts and views of artists from across popular music’s entire spectrum. Nowhere is this more effective than in the chapter, Broken Wings, a gripping minute-by-minute account of events that fateful night in 1959. This book takes you so close to Holly that you can almost feel his heartbeat.” (Colin Hall, R2, formerly Rock & Reel)

“I just finished reading your book ‘Everyday Getting Closer To Buddy Holly. What a great book. I have read a few books about Buddy Holly, but yours is by far the best of them.. I always knew that Buddy was popular in England, but I did not realize how popular he was with the generation of the late 50’s era (meaning the majority of the British invasion groups). The fact that the artists and people who knew Buddy were able to express their thoughts about Buddy was outstanding. look to forward reading some more of your books.” (Michael Durkin)