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The Road To Love Me Do


The Road To Love Me Do is being published on the 12th September 2022. Copies may be ordered in advance and will be dispatched as soon as the book is ready. Copies within the UK can be ordered from this website. Copies for outside the UK can be ordered from the Beatles, Liverpool & More website here.

Product Description

The retail price for The Road To Love Me Do is £25 and for the moment, copies are available here with free postage for UK orders – and it’s a heavy book!

If you live outside the UK, please drop me a line and I will quote the cost or you can order from the publisher’s website, Beatles Liverpool & More.

Is there anything new to be said about the Beatles?

Don’t groan because the answer is YES.

The Road to Love Me Do looks at the early years of the Beatles in Liverpool and Hamburg and how they came to make that first Parlophone single in October 1962.

But it doesn’t look at the Beatles and their home lives.

Rather, it looks at their musical contemporaries and sees how Gerry and the Pacemakers – Searchers – Swinging Blue Jeans – Kingsize Taylor – Rory Storm influenced each other.

Who on earth were Wump and his Werbles and how do they affect the story?

With extraordinary patience, Spencer and Mike have tracked down 100 different records – acetates on the road to Love Me Do.

You can’t possibly have heard of them but now they are available with the QR codes in this book.

There are 288 pages, A4 size, quality paper – and the book is fully illustrated with unseen photographs

Liverpool was a melting pot of entertainment long before the Beatles with national stars like Lita Roza, Michael Holliday and Billy Fury.

There are surprises on every page in The Road To Love Me Do – no one can possibly say, “I know that!”

It is not just history as it affects what we know today.

P S It is also very funny

PPS As Hunter Davies says, “This book is a good ‘’un. It uncovers lots of new things.”

Sample Pages

Road to Love Me Do - Page 49

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